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When we let go of caring about what others think, we are putting ourselves in control of our lives again. Basing the way we look and behave on what others think is incredibly limiting. You'll never live your life as your authentic self that way. Beyond our fear of what others may or may not think of us lies true freedom. Everything else is superficial. I know that I am a terrible culprit for caring what others think. It's one of the reasons for my introverted nature and it regularly limits me by preventing me from sharing my opinion with others. I guess I haven't yet learnt to accept and love myself completely. As he says in the video I have linked below, "The more your self-love increases, the more your self-expression increases." 

It's important to recognize that caring what others think is  a barrier to happiness. You can't control what other people think, and you'll never be able to. Therefore, if you base your happiness on their opinions, you'll never be happy, let alone experience true joy. It's recognizing how unimportant you are in the grand scheme of things, even though your ego may try to convince you otherwise. Work for something bigger and more important than yourself, and stop caring about something as conceited as what others may or may not think. Do things out of a genuine desire to better yourself, the lives of others, or the world around you... This is where true motivation stems from. Don't do things because you are motivated by the opinions of others. You'll never be truly inspired or empowered that way. You weren't born to be accepted in other peoples eyes. We all know this. So why are we all living as if the opposite were true? 

"Your greatest friend and enemy lies within you."

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If anyone has seen the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, you may remember Joe Cross saying “I tried everything, acupuncture, mud baths... but the one thing I was really afraid of facing up to was my diet.” For me, I have always been more than happy to change anything about my diet and nutrition habits in order to be as healthy as possible. BUT, the one thing, which I never wanted to face up to, was the effect of my mind-set on my health. Until fairly recently, I’d pretty much discounted it as not mattering all that much. But I’ve been forced to face up to it recently, because I am now for the first time working a full-time job, and 80% of my job just so happens to be researching everything nutrition/health related that you could possibly think of. This has meant that I´ve been researching aspects about health and nutrition that I otherwise never would have explored, and one of these things has been stress and mindset.

Working 11 hours a day means that I don’t have much time to myself, and if I’m not careful, my stress levels can quite easily skyrocket, particularly as I am naturally an anxious and stressed kind of person anyway. The past few years, as I have been learning more and more about nutrition, I was progressively more convinced about the healing power of food, to the extent that I couldn’t comprehend how anything else could affect my health all that much. But, I´ve come to realise that this isn’t actually quite true. I’ve started to think  that perhaps I actually got it all the wrong way round. Below I explain the 5 reasons why I have come to realise that your mind-set is actually more important to your overall well-being than the food you put into your mouth.
  1. Stress can cause heart attacks. There is increasing evidence that high stress levels are more of a contributor to heart disease than having too much cholesterol circulating in the body. Dr. Paul J. Rosch at The American Institute of Stress believes this to be so. He explains this through the fact that the brain sends signals to every cell in the body. This has been demonstrated by EEG waves; a method which records the electrical activity of the brain.  In fact, research shows that any changes in your emotions are reflected in the EEG waves of someone. Considering that the electromagnet field round the heart is 5,000 times greater than the brain, it is easy to see how if someone in stressed, this will be communicated negatively to their heart.  This is also why there have been cases of heart attacks in young healthy people, whilst older people, eating an unhealthy, artery-clogging diet, do not get heart attacks (if they are very calm and do not suffer from stress). It was actually this fact which was the 'light-bulb moment' for me. I came across it when I was watching a documentary called Statin Nation, and it  made me realise how much my stress levels must be affecting my health. 
  2. High stress levels can damage your relationships. I´m the kind of person that when my stress has been progressively building up for a couple of weeks/months, I will just completely break down eventually. This will either be in the form of lashing out at those closest to me (and usually yelling and slamming every door in the house) OR having a melt-down in which I just cry and get really depressed about everything. In fact, research has found that even mild levels of stress can make us fly off the handle: A recent study by neuroscientists at New York University found that stress can impair our ability to keep a grip on our emotions. In their study, researchers taught subjects stress-control techniques. But after participants were put under mild stress by having their hands dunked in icy water, they couldn’t easily calm themselves down when shown pictures of snakes or spiders. I had one of these melt downs when my boyfriend came to visit me in Madrid a few weeks ago, and it really made me realise that if I want to avoid having breakdowns every time he comes to visit me because I’m so stressed, then I really need to take control of my stress levels better. 
  3. Stress causes acne. One of the main reasons that I really want to get my stress levels under control is because there is increasing evidence that stress causes acne.  In 2003, a Stanford University study published in the Archives of Dermatology found that college students had acne flare-ups during exams, a period in which they reported more stress, compared to periods without testing. Acne severity correlated highly with increasing stress, the researchers concluded. I've come to realise that much of my skin issues could be due to my stress levels. I don't know why it took my so long realise this, but whenever I have been through a period of intense stress, my skin has simultaneously flared up. I often find that after a relaxing weekend, my skin is much clearer. Then, during the week when I'm working and super busy, my skin starts to break out again! My skin is also so much better after a relaxing holiday. I don't think it's ever been clearer than when I got back from the yoga retreat earlier this year, and again when I came back from a month in the Bahamas. I'm sure that is not a coincidence. I'm not saying that stress is the only contributor to acne as there are many others such as nutrition, hormones, environment (pollution), hygiene, and the products you are using on your skin... But stress is definitely a huge contributor to it all.  Some researchers are suggesting that if you are already acne prone, stress will make you break out more, because you only need one factor to be out of balance in your body for it to show on your skin. But, if you are not prone to breakouts, then you have to have at least 3 factors out of balance to experience a breakout. These factors could be nutrition, hormones, environment, etc.  

In order to try and improve my mind-set, I have begun practicing 10 minutes of meditation daily (using the HeadSpace App – because I just feel like it’s super easy and convenient to use). I’ve also begun to finally practice yoga on a consistent basis. Previously, I have done yoga on and off, usually averaging once a week (and generally less than that if we’re really honest) but now, I have started doing it every other day. I have discovered an amazing yoga instructor here in Madrid (with an International class) and have started going regularly. Although I am still struggling with my stress levels, things are definitely improving, as overall, I feel so much less stressed than I did a few weeks ago. The most annoying stress symptom I get is a feeling of tenseness on my forehead, just above my eyebrows, which never completely goes away during the week. Another way I have tried to improve things is by speaking to my boss about it and asking to change around my hours, so that I am now getting to the office at 730am and leaving at 530pm. This just works better for me because I am able to go to yoga or exercise in the evening, have time to relax and cook dinner, and can get an early night. Before I wasn’t leaving work until about 8pm, and I just felt like I was rushing around constantly with no time to myself. Never be afraid to speak up about these kind of things if you value your health. I could have easily stayed silent and kept on doing what I was doing before, even though it was proving quite damaging to my health and stress levels.

Any additional suggestions for methods of getting into a better Headspace (particularly if you are a stress head like me) would be much appreciated, so please leave them in the comments below! 

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So as you may know I recently became a Forever Living distributor.  I held my first event with the brand recently at Beulah Tribe Party this past weekend.  One of the yoga society's instructors, Roisin, told me about the event and asked if I would want a stall at the event in order to promote my products.  Of course I said yes!  
The event itself was great, it was alcohol/drug free, there were 'pay as you feel' treatments available such as massages (I enjoyed a chakra balancing treatment!), amazing vegan food, and lots of people dancing barefoot!
Although I was working for the evening I got to experience the Shamanic Drum Journey, in which we went on a Shamanic Journey to meet our power animals.  The point in all this is to be able to switch one's ordinary state of mind to a non-ordinary state of mind, in which you go into a sort of trance.   (Yoga is another tradition that helps people achieve altered states of mind and travel to other realms). I know this may sound totally mad to some people, but I will tell you my experience nonetheless.  The journey was held by a lady called Maria (whose blog can be found here  https://mariawindtalker.wordpress.com/).  We all lay down on the ground as Maria beat the drum.  We had to imagine a place in nature which resonates with us, which for me was a forest near Tampere, Finland which I went to as a child.  We would find our way down to Mother Earth however our imagination decided to take us.  For me,  the ground literally fell apart beneath me, before I went down inside.  I passed lots of animals, all of which just passed right by, which Maria said would happen if they were not our power animal.  Eventually the ground fell apart beneath me again, and I went even further down into Mother Earth.  There I was confronted with a snake.  At first I thought it would pass right by me as the others had, however, it proceeded to wrap itself around me, and told me to 'stop holding myself back.'  The snake is emblematic of shedding the old and embracing the new.

Here is a definition of this Shamanic practice for anyone I've just baffled: 

Shamanism (/ˈʃɑːmən/ shah-mən or /ˈʃmən/ shay-mən) is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.[1] A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing.[2]

If I get the chance to do the journey again, the next stage is when you meet your ancestral tribe. 

Leeds Juicery (http://www.leedsjuicery.com/) was at the event. I was very excited to come across their stall, as I had never heard of them before!  Unfortunately they don't yet have a store and you can only order from them online, unless you find them at an event.
I loved their juices, they tasted super fresh and delicious.  It makes such a difference when the juice just so happens to be local, organic and cold-pressed!
I had their green juice which powered me through the night, and saved the 'turmeric tonic' for the morning after, as I had an early bus to catch back down home to Sussex.

I ran the stall with my mentor Fiona.  We received lots of interest in the business including 10 sample box requests, 6 people interested in the business and 4 launches. I also sold one bottle of Aloe Vera on the night :) 
Having  researched the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera so often lately I am even more passionate about the products and really enjoyed getting to talk to people at the event about how Aloe could help them as it can aid so many different health concerns ranging from arthritis, to acne, to IBS. 
It's going to take lots of practice to be able to talk about the products fluently as Fiona can but it was definitely a really useful experience for me.

If you are interested in what I sell or would like to purchase a product, you can do so here: https://www.foreverliving.com/retail/entry/Shop.do?store=GBR&language=en&distribID=440500044553 

Thank you for reading!

Hanni x
<![CDATA[Free Yoga and Organic Smoothie Event with LUU Yoga Society for Welfare Week]]>Mon, 23 Mar 2015 19:42:57 GMThttp://www.theblondberry.com/lifestyle/free-yoga-and-organic-smoothie-event-with-luu-yoga-society-for-welfare-weekPicture
As part of Leeds University Union's Welfare week, LUU Yoga Society hosted three free Yoga classes, which began at 9am and ran through to 1pm.  I was working at our Free, Organic Smoothie Bar whizzing smoothies for that entire time, providing everyone with a delectable post-yoga treat.  I thought it would get seriously tedious but I actually loved every minute of it!  We had some hilarious responses when people tried our green concoctions and wheatgrass shots.  The reactions ranged from 'Oh my god, that is actually incredible!' coming from someone who had never had a green smoothie before, to someone tasting a wheatgrass shot and actually spitting it out!  I was so surprised how many people had never even heard of green smoothies or wheatgrass before, let alone tried them.  But it was really refreshing how open minded everyone was to at least trying the green smoothies and it made me so happy how much everyone enjoyed trying something new.  It was also great to meet people interested in nutrition and see how excited they got that something so healthy was being served within the union.  Certainly not an everyday occurrence!

The classes we held comprised of a short talk explaining the health benefits of Yoga, followed by some yoga and relaxation. Five of our outstanding professionally trained yoga instructors lead the sessions. On entering into the hall in which we hosted the event, it was almost like entering into a different world.  A total spiritual retreat from the busy city of Leeds.  We had incense floating through the air and relaxing Indian yoga music harmonising in the background.  We had a huge, light airy space in which up to 85 students were allowed to take part in each class.  Our President of the Yoga Society did an absolutely amazing job on the event.  In fact, she only had 3 hours sleep that night because she was so busy organising it!

This event was the first of its kind to take place in a university environment and aimed to encourage students to wake up early, practice yoga and fuel their bodies with essential nutrients, leaving them energised and ready for the day. 
A few of the members of the Yoga Committee, looking very happy after a successful event :)
It was such a beautiful morning and everyone who came told us how much they had enjoyed being able to experience this kind of event in the Union.  I love how being part of the yoga committee, I am able to spread the message about the importance of health and to work at incredible events such as these.  Now that the year is coming to an end, I'm going to be sad to have to say goodbye to my position as the Social Secretary of the Yoga Society.  It's given me a platform in order to promote and allow others to experience these naturopathic approaches to health and wellness.  I have been able to educate others on the benefits of yoga and to give others a different perspective when it comes to the concept of healthy eating, which is incredibly important to me.

Thanks for reading :)

Hanni x
<![CDATA[My 20th Birthday: Oulton Hall, Global Tribe Cafe, Filmore and Bar&Grill]]>Tue, 03 Feb 2015 18:18:58 GMThttp://www.theblondberry.com/lifestyle/my-20th-birthday-oulton-hall-global-tribe-cafe-and-bargrillThis past weekend I turned 20, and I got to go to so many wonderful places that I thought it was worth writing a blog post about it, particularly as much of my birthday weekend consisted of health-related things (obvs). I also received some lovely presents from my parents including a new camera -the Limix GM (so I will be using much more high quality pictures on my blog in the near future), Deliciously Ella's new cooking book which looks lovely and I can't wait to try some of her new recipes. Lastly, a FitBit, which my parents both also have, and they have basically got for me so that we can all compete with our step count and calorie count!

I actually had no idea what I was going to be doing for the weekend, least of all that I would be going to a Spa! My boyfriend was very sly, so I thought we would just be going out for a meal or something, but I received many exciting surprises along the way. Here is a glimpse of what we got up to:

The weekend began with shopping followed by lunch at Global Tribe cafe, which Sami and I loved. The meals are so colourful, vibrant and healthy, and it's so reasonably priced for what you get. Our whole meal came to £34 for 2 smoothies, 2 sandwiches, 3 mains and a dessert.
Me and my 'Green Goddess' smoothie.
Before we went to Lunch, I had my hair styled at Russel Eaton. I couldn't recommend the salon more, they produce wonderful results. I've had a blow dry there a few times now, and I always love the result.
This was my main - Jambalaya topped with little balls made from bean paste. It was absolutely delicious! Warming, filling and satisfying.
Sami's mains, consisting of a lentil stew on the right, and a warm spiralised vegetable and rice noodle dish on the left.
In the evening, we went to the Bar & Grill, which is one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds. The atmosphere is so lively and buzzing due to it also being a popular bar, yet the restaurant side isn't too loud that it encroaches on conversation. It has quite a romantic atmosphere, and is great for couples.
These were our gorgeous mains. We shared the lobster and steak. The steak was some of the best red meat I have ever had - it was insanely good. Usually I find red meat too chewy, but this was on another level.
So after Sami claimed that my present hadn't arrived yet, the waiter brings over my present and card at precisely midnight with a bottle of champagne, the minute that I turned 20! (My birthday was on the Sunday, and we went out for this meal on the Saturday) it was such a wonderful surprise.
This was the watch which Sami got me. It's so pretty. The waiter thought that he was going to pop the question as the box was quite small!
Us at midnight enjoying our champagne :)
Brunch the next morning at Filmore & Union. I had the quinoa porridge with coconut milk and stewed fruit.
Sami told me the next morning to pack a little bag so that we could go to the gym after having brunch at Filmore & Union. When we got to Filmore, my friends Tina and Josh showed up shortly after, which I didn't really think was weird as we all go there all the time anyway. Then they all said said we were going to try a new gym, and that Sami would get in for free, so that we should all go. We ordered a taxi as if was apparently a little while away. About 15 minutes later, we were in the beautiful grounds of Oulton Hall for a spa weekend! I had absolutely no idea, and soon discovered that Sami and Tina had been texting for ages organising what to do! It was literally the best surprise ever!

This is a picture of our lovely bedroom. After settling in, we all went to the gym. Sami and I did some boxing which is always fun. We then all went in the infrared sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and pool!
Tina and I at dinner that evening.
This was my starter of Haddock.
I went for steak, hand cut chips and grilled tomato for my main.
This dessert was amazing and beautifully presented but I can't remember what it was called!
After we had finished eating, the waiter came over with my raw, Vegan birthday cake which Tina got me from Global Tribe Cafe.. Seriously the most delicious cheesecake I've ever had!
After dinner, we all went into the lounge to relax with a glass of champagne.
The next morning, we all had massages. This is a picture of the 'relax room'.

Overall, it was the perfect weekend and I enjoyed ever minute of it. I highly recommend Oulton Hall, and I am even planning on going there again early next month for a yoga social I am organising! We enjoyed some fabulous restaurants which I would definitely class as the best in Leeds. If you're planning a little getaway to Leeds, these are definitely the places to go.

Thanks for reading! :)

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Last week Coyo Coconut Yoghurt were kind enough to send me 6 different flavours from their range.  It was very exicitng when the package arrived as I had only ever had the plain flavour before.  I first came across Coyo in a health food store in Leeds, and fell in love with it.  Whenever I made the long trip into the city from Uni, I always bought some Coyo to put in my porridge in the morning to make it extra delicious.

The flavoured Coyo's are amazing, definitely 'Heaven in a Mouthful!'  It's crazy how so few ingredients are used in the products; primarily coconut milk, probiotic cultures. tapioca starch, and simply 'mango' or 'mixed berries', depending on the flavour.  Yet it still tastes so good.  It goes to show that all the added sugar and flavourings they add to most yoghurts are completely unneccessary! Coyo doesn't contain any unnatural flavourings or preservatives, just real, whole foods, which is so refreshing in todays market.  The amount of products you come across in the supermarket and think 'Oh, this looks healthy!' and then you look at the ingredients list and realise it's far from it.  It's a real shame that we've gone so far from eating the natural foods that our bodies are designed for, to it being 'normal' to eat processed, preservative-ridden food, and yet to eat whole foods, is now seen as 'alternative.'  It's a very strange world we live in.

Anyway, one of the main reasons that you should be including coconut yoghurt in your diet is for the probiotic cultures.

Healiing benefits of probiotic cultures:

Enhanced immune system response.
Optimizes digestion and alleviates many common disgestive disorders, such as IBS.
Promotes healthy weight loss and maintanence of muscle mass.
Safeguards against infections.
Improves absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Promotes detoxification.
Undoes the damage of antibiotics.

You also get all of the wonderful benefits of the coconut, which is an amazing source of healthy, essential fats.

Coyo goes really well in many different recipes, from smoothies, to soups, to healthy desserts.  It can pretty much enhance the flavour and nutrition of any recipe. In fact I made a 'Mango & Avocado Fruity cheesecake' over Christmas, which with the addition of Coyo, achieved a much more 'cheesecakey' texture than I think it otherwise could have thanks to the use of one of these little pots of goodness.  You can find the cheesecake recipe in my 'Recipes' section. 

This was a coconut, mixed vegetable, and pearl barley stew with Cod which I made for my family before I came back to Uni. I mixed the Coyo 'Mango' flavour after the rest of the ingredients had cooked, and it made it so creamy, really complimenting the dish and adding a hint of sweetness. My family all loved it.
Coyo is also great to use as an accompaniment to any healthy dessert you make, such as this cacao and banana brownie cake I made. Much healthier than adding whipped cream!
I think my favourite aspect of Coyo is the texture of it.  It's so thick and creamy, making it a really versatile ingredient to add to a variety of recipes.  I loved the vanilla and mixed berry flavours, however, I have to say they were all phenomenal.  Now my aim is to try one of their amazing looking icecreams.. :)

You can buy Coyo from your local health food store, and even in Tesco, as they have recently started stocking it.  You can find a 'store locator' on their website link below.  Trust me, it's worth going out of your way for. 


<![CDATA[The Ultimate Health Event]]>Fri, 12 Dec 2014 21:56:49 GMThttp://www.theblondberry.com/lifestyle/the-ultimate-health-eventPicture
As the joint-Social Secretary of the Yoga Society at the University of Leeds, I recently organised our final social of the semester at Filmore & Union in the Victoria Quarter.  The event was structured around a talk and demonstration from Natalie Robb, a Tropic Skincare ambassador, whom I met over the summer at a 'Skin Nutrition' course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.  In addition, Filmore provided us with their healthy twist on the classic Afternoon Tea, whilst Sweaty Betty, the luxe sportswear brand, offered everyone gift bags including their brochure and a discount card.  

We begun the event with Natalie's enlightening and informative talk about the power of plant-based skincare and make-up, whilst also informing everyone about the dangers of conventional beauty products.

Tropic Skincare is an organic, plant-based skincare company based in Surrey.  Their products are so luxurious and pure, and are made from 100% natural ingredients, which is so unusual in today's cosmetics industry.  The vast majority of beauty products are packed full of extremely harmful ingredients.  It honestly scares me that these products are even allowed in beauty departments, let alone that they are widely used by the majority of women.

Important facts which Natalie told everyone during her talk:

It is believed that over 60% of what we topically put on our skin is ingested in to
our bodies.  (this is how nicotine and contraceptive patches work!), therefore, we should be just as concerned about the products we put onto our bodies as we are about the food we put into them!

The environmental working group estimate that more than 1 in 5 personal
care products contain chemicals linked to cancer, 80 per cent contain ingredients
that commonly cause hazardous impurities, and 56 per cent contain penetration
enhancers that help deliver ingredients deeper into the skin.

Harmful ingredients to look out for:

Parabens (which mess with your oestrogen levels!)
Mineral Oil (Don't be deceived by the name!) can trap toxins in the skin, and hinder normal skin respiration.
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), which has been linked to damage to the immune system, liver & lungs.
Phthalates - has been linked to asthma and decreased fertility in females.
... To name just a few!

Natalie also told us about some important nutrients which we should be sure to include in our daily diets to ensure healthy skin. 

If you are deficient in just one of these primary nutrients, your skin health will suffer, and I don't just mean externally.  If you are unhealthy on the inside but your skin 'looks' healthy, it doesn't mean that it is!

Protein: including fish, which you should try to consume 6x per week if you have problem skin, plus chicken, eggs, nuts, quinoa, and spirulina.
Skin fats: think avocado, coconut/olive oil, nuts and oily fish.
Vitamin A: butternut squash, sweet potato, liver, eggs.
Vitamin C: citrus fruits, berries, kale.
Zinc: seafood (particularly oysters), pumpkin seeds, lentils, ginger.

And perhaps most importantly - HYDRATE!
 Keep skin cells plump and full or your skin will look shrivelled and dehydrated.

Here is a snap shot of what else we got up to at our event!

Everyone was welcomed to the event with a Raw cacao hot chocolate on arrival, made with almond milk, raw honey and cinnamon! Such a warming and delicious way to welcome our guests to the event.
Filmore created an amazing display of treats for our guests, including a selection of mini healthy cakes, half-bagels including one with avocado and cottage cheese, one with chicken and guacamole, and another with smoked salmon and spinach!
These avocado and cottage cheese open-bagels looked amazing!
Our selection of open-bagels.
Beautiful mint-infused fruit platter!
All of the wonderful Tropic Skincare products which Natalie brought to the event. I wanted to buy them all! They all looked and smelt wonderful.
After her talk, Natalie demonstrated some of the products on Tina.  She started with the cleanser, toner, and oil, and then applied the mineral powder foundation, bronzer, eye shadow and mascara.  Tina's make up looked absolutely flawless!  The powder blended so well with her skin and looked amazing.

Tina looked like such a doll after using the Tropic skincare products and then the make up. Her skin looked flawless and glowing!
Tropic skincare products are so wonderful because they're so pure, and packed full of the superfoods which your body craves.

For example, their 'Face Smooth: Brightening Polish' exfoliator, which is my personal favourite product, contains:

Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Sugar Cane, Organic Rice Flour, Ground Rice, Golden Jojoba, Macadamia, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond, Vitamin E, Acai Berry, Sweet Orange, Lime, Lemon & Camomile Essential Oils.  And no nasty, crazy or unnecessary ingredients!

They use Acai Berries in many of their products, including their eyeshadow which includes freeze-dried Acai.  How amazing?!

Everyone's goody bags ready to take away, courtesy of Filmore. Each one contained a fresh-pressed juice or Matcha drink. Natalie also provided goody bags, which included a handmade bath bomb made using oats, a free lip balm, and a tester of the body butter.
We then all sat down to enjoy our gorgeous afternoon tea!
This is a juice which my friend Tina and I had prior to the event. It looked too pretty not to share! We both had their oxygenator juice which contains a blend of green vegetables, apple, lemon and ginger.
It was great to have the chance to spread the message about the reality of most products within the cosmetics industry, and teach people about how there are other ways to look after your skin which are much better for not only your body both internally and externally, but also for the environment.  I think that everyone went away from the event having learnt something, which was my primary aim.  

Natalie delivered her speech so that it was informative and engaging, the food was so delicious and we all left with very happy bellies, and of course everyone got to leave with lots of wonderful goodies! 

I hope you enjoyed reading, and will take some of this information into consideration the next time you step into a beauty store!

Lastly, remember that 
‘'There is no cosmetic for beauty like
happiness’’ - Maria Mitchell

Thanks for reading! :) 

Hanni x


<![CDATA[Businesses join forces to fight the festive fat]]>Fri, 12 Dec 2014 20:09:15 GMThttp://www.theblondberry.com/lifestyle/businesses-join-forces-to-fight-the-festive-fat
Yorkshire Water is teaming up with supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Waitrose to encourage customers not to cause pains in the drains this Christmas.

Customers buying a pre-order turkey from the two major retailers for their Christmas roast will receive free Yorkshire Water gadgets to help collect the fat, oil and grease (FOG) the annual festive feast generates. 

Pouring FOGs down the sink can result in the liquids hardening as they cool and create blockages. Last year 2,635 sewer blockages around the Yorkshire region alone were caused by these liquids, often leading to flooding inside homes and businesses. 

Not only are these blockages horrible for customers, they are also expensive to clear from the Yorkshire Water network; money that could be saved on customers’ bills.

Yorkshire Water is giving away 7,700 EkoFunnels at 30 Sainsbury’s stores across the region and 1,400 Fat Traps at seven Waitrose stores to people pre-ordering their turkeys from the stores as part of the nationwide campaign. The traps and funnels can be used to collect waste FOGs for recycling or disposal via the bin.

Richard Flint, Yorkshire Water CEO, said: “We’re asking people to put our sewers on a low fat diet and think before they dispose of fat, oil and grease down the sink or through the dishwasher. 

“Whilst it only takes a couple of extra seconds to get rid of products like fat by putting it in the bin, it will mean that the millions of pounds we currently spend removing these products from the sewers of Yorkshire can be invested elsewhere - improving our network and the service we offer.” (source)

Free fat traps and EkoFunnels will be available, while stocks last. 

Further information about disposing of fat, oil and grease safely is available on the Yorkshire Water website